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We believe in your idea of a Web3 world easy to access, enjoyable and full of opportunities. At NFT marketplace, we are building an intuitive, simple and compelling use interface, to give anyone the opportunity to enter the world of collectibles and Non Fungible Tokens. You can create your own personal digital assets in a few steps and share them with the community, in an easy and immediate way. Join us and start exploring and building your own Web3 collection!

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A team of developers, engineers and consultants, passionate and experienced about blockchain technology…what better to start your journey into the world of NFT and Web3?! Born in 2014, KNOBS was founded as a software house specialized in rapid prototyping and in the designing and developing of complex software and hardware projects, with a full stack expertise in the integration of advanced technologies and programming languages. The emergence and spread of Ethereum has allowed us to progressively focus on blockchain technology, carry out the first practical use cases and start building NFT-based systems. Currently, blockchain covers 100% of our projects and we are partnering with players from all over the world. We are proud to be the first tech company to develop and release a platform for the distribution of NFTs (Non Fungible Token) and the first tech house to build the technological infrastructure and make the first monument in the world entering the Metaverse. We aspire to promote innovation and pave the way to a better future, in the principle of transparency, trust and digital innovation.